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John Athayde, aiGa

John Athayde is an artist, filmmaker, musician, traveler, and designer. When he is not emotionally attached to a website, he is building theatre sets, making films, writing and performing music with Rotoscope, or any number of other activities. He hopes to soon add a chocolate Labrador to his family.

Prior to Meticulous, John ran the DC wing of RTKL\'s Liquid Media team - the group responsible for 3d visualization and new media in the then fifth largest Architecture/Engineering firm in the world. Recently he\s been digging into e-commerce and visual effects production pipelines. He spends more time with his laptop than is probably good for his health. In the fall of 2005, he and Kory debuted their proof of concept animated short, The Sandbox, at the Los Angeles Short Film Festival.

John is an active member of the DC Chapter of the AIGA and also a member of ASCAP. He holds a Master\'s degree in Architecture from the Catholic University of America.

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Other Projects
Boboroshi & Kynz

Next Goal

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Justin Hankins

Everyday, Justin Hankins finds something that frustrates him. A long line at the grocery store... an instruction manual written in moon language... a restaurant menu that is bigger than the table at which he\'s sitting. It\'s these obnoxious moments in life when Justin thrives - put simply, he\'s committed to solving the problems of poor customer experiences.

After abandoning the dream of professional ice hockey during his stay at Western Michigan University, Justin Hankins moved on to help large e-commerce ventures make their sites attractive, usable, and functional, in order to facilitate good customer experiences. He\'s also strategized Direct-Email marketing campaigns, Banner Advertising initiatives, and the re-launching of company brands, ranging from mom & pop shops, to major Fortune 500 players.

Justin Hankins, more than anything, is a problem solver. He\'s a visionary. Justin knows where opportunities lie for you, and how to help you take advantage of them. He can also play a mean game of foosball.

Justin\'s sugar-mama is a cute blonde who loves pandas. She works in an emergency room and fixes broken people.

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Other Projects
Hankins Photography

Next Goal
1. Become a rock star.
2. Buy leather pants.
3. Reach legendary rock status.
4. Star in a VH1 behind the music.
5. Buy my mom a house.
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Kory Juul

Kory Juul loves movies – more specifically – making them. Since finding his calling in his early teenage years abroad in Spain – he has set his sights on directing motion pictures. When he’s not attempting to master the art of storytelling, he can be found training kung fu, travelling the globe, or eating.

After being flown to Los Angeles for winning a \'Young Spielberg\' award at age 15—Juul had found his niche. By 20 he had signed on as a visual effects artist on the groundbreaking fully computer generated film—Final Fantasy. From there he dove into the world of the Matrix – completing the billion dollar franchise with The Animatrix, The Matrix Reloaded, and Matrix Revolutions. He then got on a trilogy kick – finishing off the last movie in three great trilogie—Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, and Star Wars Episode III. He most recently worked on King Kong.

Since teaming up with Meticulous, Juul has directed his first award winning short cg animated film on 35mm—The Sandbox. 2006 promises to be a big year – the year "the cg feature" will go into production.

what he actually does: directing, producing, visual effects, compositing, 3D

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IMDB Listing

Next Goal
to get into the splits, make my cg feature'; # ANGIE ATHAYDE-STEVENS $about['angie']['img'] = 'About Angie Athayde-Stevens'; $about['angie']['txt'] = '

Angie Athayde-Stevens

Angie Athayde Stevens has worked in the film industry for 12 years as a casting director, P.A, A.D., producer and manager. She is currently a talent manager for athletes and actors. She has worked on over 35 feature films including What Women Want, Somethings Gotta Give, Terminator 3, Charlie\'s Angels 2 and Seabiscuit. She has a special place in her heart for Seabiscuit, where she met and married Gary Stevens. She continues to work in the industry and resides in Los Angeles with her husband, daughter, and 2 dogs.

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sara j. flemming

the west coast contingent, sara has the best hair of the group.

when she\'s not shackled to one Meticulous project or another, she\'s off somewhere photographing something weird, like sushi, in macro mode. seriously. currently, she has a Corporate Job, but it\'s not as bad as you think; she works with some of the coolest people ever over at the big \'e\' and she\'s been there long enough to be 2/3 vested. woo!

you wouldn\'t know it from the lack of proper capitalization in this bio, but sara\'s actually a graduated english major from UCLA. eschewing (see!) title case is her way of distinguishing between formal and informal correspondence; which isn\'t to say that this isn\'t formal, but she\'s trying to be different -- just let her have it.

what she actually does: "coding," photography, brand development, the funny.

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Next Goal
Canon PowerShot G3
conquering a mile in the pool (70 laps)
invading the East Coast.
more surfing!'; # MITCHELL $about['mitchell']['img'] = ''; $about['mitchell']['txt'] = '

H. Mitchell Jarrett, aiGa

Mitchell Jarrett is many things: an art director and designer, a photographer, a musician, a poet. But first and foremost he is an artist forever striving to find that glimpse of beauty within the most mundane. When not hard at work designing or photographing, he releases his stress via his violin. in his free time, he can be found lifting weights or sprint training.

Mitchell holds a Bachelor\'s of Science in architecture from the University of Virginia.

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Other Projects
putting together an exhibition of his photography

Next Goal
obtaining a MFa in photography'; # SERVERS $about['servers']['img'] = 'about our servers'; $about['servers']['txt'] = '

Our Babies Servers

When we began our company, we were using a fine machine to host all of our wonderful sites. We named this server, Castro. After several years of faithful servitude, Castro went AWOL and started his own guerrilla faction that was bent on excluding us from their decisions. We realized this situation was not very fruitful to our customers and us, so we took the initiative to remove Castro from service.

Unlike the action the United States took to remove Castro, we were successful in enlisting a small army of servers to succeed Castro\'s throne: Athena, Hercules, Mercury, and Kennedy. Castro put up a minor fight in the transition, but has accepted a position as the "guy behind the guy" and sits quietly in the corner, not bothering anybody.

Athena is our heavy-hitter web server, hosting our high-traffic and demanding domains. Kennedy also hosts his share of web data, but he\'s a little more laid back and handles the lower-demanding domains. Hercules, or "Herkileez" as we call him, is our dedicated database box, serving both web servers with dynamic content. Finally, Mercury, known for his quick feet, delivers all of our mail to us.

Servers are rather quirky toys with personalities and mood swings that rival the most high strung individual. We\'re hoping our decision to abandon naming servers after communist dictators will prove to be an intelligent move for the future. '; # MAIN PAGE (DEFAULT) $about['main']['img'] = 'about main'; $about['main']['txt'] = '


"What one man can imagine, Other men can make real."
- Jules Verne

When we were growing up, we caused all sorts of headaches for our mothers: Crayon marks scuffing the walls, drum kits rattling the ceiling, guitar solo feedback interrupting phone calls with relatives, charcoal fingerprints all over everything. They called our creative extroversion "tiresome."

We called it practice.

Since very early on, we\'ve challenged our creative gifts by constantly stretching them beyond their proven capacity, each day pushing a little bit further. We\'ve pulled more all-nighters than we can remember, researching and studying how design and creativity can be used to facilitate emotion, compel change, achieve desired results. With years of studying and practice behind us, we now have the luxury of learning and challenging ourselves with each new client who builds a relationship with us.

Every job we undertake is a journey in which the client entrusts us to lead them. While we still feel an inescapable passion for design that forces us to keep striving no matter what, we\'ve been fortunate enough to have met a lot of great people and companies along the way who have given us the opportunity to use our creative gifts to solve their problems. It\'s the intersection of our affection for design and problem solving where we hope to meet you and discuss how our experience translates into your success.

Plain and simple, we love what we do. We\'ve been doing it since we were kids, and have had plenty of time to grow out of it if it\'s all just been "a phase" we\'ve been going through. The fact that we continue to do this, that we continue to adore this, is a testament to our devotion and dedication. We invite you to become a part of our excitement...

Just don\'t mind the Crayon marks on the walls.

Contact us'; # Get correct info based on $_GET vars switch($_GET['who']) { # If $who = John case "john": $body['featured_graphic'] = $about['john']['img']; $body['featured_text'] = $about['john']['txt']; break; # If $who = Justin case "justin": $body['featured_graphic'] = $about['justin']['img']; $body['featured_text'] = $about['justin']['txt']; break; # If $who = kory case "kory": $body['featured_graphic'] = $about['kory']['img']; $body['featured_text'] = $about['kory']['txt']; break; # if $who = angie case "angie": $body['featured_graphic'] = $about['angie']['img']; $body['featured_text'] = $about['angie']['txt']; break; # If $who = sara case "sara": $body['featured_graphic'] = $about['sara']['img']; $body['featured_text'] = $about['sara']['txt']; break; # If $who = mitchell case "mitchell": $body['featured_graphic'] = $about['mitchell']['img']; $body['featured_text'] = $about['mitchell']['txt']; break; # If $who = servers case "servers": $body['featured_graphic'] = $about['servers']['img']; $body['featured_text'] = $about['servers']['txt']; break; # If $who is not set or anything else not programmed default: $body['featured_graphic'] = $about['main']['img']; $body['featured_text'] = $about['main']['txt']; break; } # The bottom "portal" section $body['portal'] = get_portal($body['zone']); # Display the contents in the template provided echo display_template($body); ?>