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"The Sandbox"

"The Sandbox" is a four minute piece about a young japanese boy\'s stuggle for recognition from his parents. The proud and determined youngster toils away in his sandbox, creating masterful sculptures, which are swiftly blown away in the wind after he completes them. He realizes that his work has not gone unappreciated, but rather his parents have passed away and are busy working from beyond the grave to ensure the child\'s future. Performed in japanese - it\'s a very visual and proud piece of filmmaking.

The up and coming Director, Kory Juul, has worked on the highest profile animated features in recent history - including Return of the King, Matrix Revolutions, Matrix Reloaded, Animatrix, and Final Fantasy. "The Sandbox" will be submitted to festivals worldwide starting in June 2005.

See the site for the short for information and screening schedules.

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