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You suddenly have a need for a web site, print media, 3-D rendering, or one of the many other services that Meticulous can provide for you. How do we go about doing this whole thing? How long will it take? How do we get from point a to b?

1. Client discussion
Collection of Source Materials
Understanding the way you do business and your needs in the digital marketplace.

2. Breakdown
Identify the Size and scope
Discuss schedule and deliverables
Discuss Budget
Discuss Legalities

3. Legal
After we have collected all this information and discussed these options available to you, our contract specialist and house counsel draw up any and all contracts pending to your project. They are then given to you for perusal and revision.

4. Concept Development
Meticulous then takes all this information and puts it together, sketching out options and the architecture behind the system we are developing. We take these concept sketches or proofs or storyboards and deliver them to you for...

5. Approval of concept
If yes, go to 6, if no back to 4... Don\'t you love flowcharts?

6. In depth design development
We here pull out prototypes of each and every page in the publication or site, or we move forward with the model development.

7. Approval of concept

8. Production
Once your project goes into production, major changes will warrant a change order, which will (depending on the progress of the project) alter your final price for services rendered. This is where we actually do all the grunt work down to the little tiny pixel alteration on that one image.

9. Deliver to client
We then get this all together and deliver it to you in a variety of ways. If you want to download it across the net? no problem, we\'ll just put it up on our ftp site. or you need three digital copies and two print copies in color? once again, no problem, we\'ll overnight them to you.'; # The bottom "portal" section $body['portal'] = get_portal($body['zone']); # Display the contents in the template provided echo display_template($body); ?>